My name is Brandon Toy. I am a freelance videographer, motion graphic artist, and photographer.
I've always loved creating things, and I love being able to work across multiple visual mediums.

I started shooting videos when I was maybe 8 years old or so, using my dad's VHS camcorder to create stop-motion animations around the house. My brothers and I would eventually start shooting multiple videos every week, usually short stories that we wrote and starred in ourselves. By the time I was 15, some of my parents' friends began to notice our videos and hired us to shoot videos for their personal projects and weddings.

My work has been broadcast on national television across A&E, History Channel, and Lifetime. I've worked on productions for companies/brands such as Walt Disney World, Marvel, Disney Channel, Google Play, Studio Ghibli, Kellog's, Kool-Aid, Gillette, Final Fantasy, Ricola, Pringles, and The Salvation Army.

I've worked with Final Cut Pro, Avid, and currently edit on Adobe Premiere. For motion graphics and graphic design, I use a combination of Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator.
Thank you!
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